Simple Introduction


What’s this blog about anyway? Why this? Why now? Do we really need another voice in the wind? Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m going to answer these questions, but first I want to express my gratitude for your willingness to spend some time here.  You’re here because you’re curious or you’re seeking something more. Maybe you’re trying to figure things out. Maybe you want a reason to believe. Maybe you’re already a follower, but you get the feeling that you’re missing something. Jesus is the answer to all your questions and all your needs. I’d like to share with you the things my Father has given to me, but whether or not I am able to help you, Jesus certainly can. He’s always available to meet the humble heart. He’s always willing to heal the hurt inside of those who come in response to the Father’s Call. Look always to Christ. Those who trust in Him need never be ashamed. You have a purpose in Christ. My desire is to help you find that purpose.

Watching the news about the government shutdown has made this blog more important to me than ever. I know that there have to be others who feel the same way that I do about the things that are happening today and what they mean for the Christian trying to make his way in this world. We’ve forgotten so many things. Our understanding is lacking, and where there is a lack of wisdom, the people suffer. But things are changing. The Holy Spirit is speaking about things long hidden. At first, I thought I was alone in some of these things, but the more I listen, the more I hear echoes from other places: other voices saying the same things the Spirit has been saying to me.

I am only a fellow servant who seeks to help my brothers and sisters, especially those as yet unaware of who it is they are meant to be. I am not a leader, though I seek to serve as an example to others. I am not into self-promotion, though I obviously must tell you enough about myself to establish a level of trust. I am one who comes in the Name of the Lord. Nothing more, and nothing less. Like Nehemiah, I am called to rebuild the walls of the City of my God. Look around! Can you not see the state we’ve fallen into? Won’t you join with me for such a noble calling? Let us together set about restoring the walls of His City, each working on that section which is closest to our homes.  Let us be peacemakers. Let us be menders of broken walls and restorers of forgotten paths.  My voice is not just another voice in the wind as I have been sent to the kingdom for just such a time as this.