Each and Every One

The words I write are intended for all who may receive them, but as an American, I believe that I am called to address the Church in America first, for it was here that God placed me by birth, both physical and spiritual. So please take this into consideration when you read what I have written. I am concerned for my brothers and sisters wherever they dwell, but as an American, I am much better qualified to address their issues, needs, and concerns first. You brothers and sisters dwelling in far places, I thank God for you. Continue the good fight, keep the faith, and look always to our Lord who is abundantly able to defend, supply, and strengthen you in your struggles.

America, you great city that sits on seven hills, is there a corner of the world that does not feel your touch? Is there a continent that you have allowed to escape the strength of your hand? Is there a dark room full of dark deeds where you have not sat in counsel? You draw back in revulsion, prepared to bare the fangs you still possess, but must you look to any other to find the blame for the likes of men like Saddam Hussein and Pablo Escobar? You helped break them, but they were only powerful insofar as American wealth sustained, nurtured, and empowered them. Had it not been for your sins, they would not have been able to rise to the levels of villainous infamy they achieved. You need look no further than this to understand the staggering spiral you have endured for the past two decades. You who called yourself a Christian nation have again and again ignored the commands of Christ to love and turned your back repeatedly upon your neighbors. You may think it not so, but you are wrong. You believe that Christ may spirit you away from your dirty hands and dirty deeds at any moment, but I tell you the truth when I say that, though Christ may not return for His Bride for a thousand years, He may soon return for you. Do you not know that while it may yet be some time before the end of this age, it may not be all that long before He brings this nation to an end? If you do not repent, turn back to the Way, and love in accordance with God's commands, you may not only lose your lampstand, but you may lose your very seat among the nations. God has brought nations and peoples to an end before you, and He may bring you to an end as well.

Here are your sins for all to see:

1. You oppress the poor and your workers, allow them to spend their lives in debt, and refuse to give them even so small a thing as decent universal healthcare, while you focus on finding ways to keep your wealth secure. You allow the wealthy to leverage them into slavery, while your wallets grow sleek and fat. God does not intend for His children to live their lives in debt. You can be certain that your treasures will be lavished upon those whose faces you grind into the dust for your own gain.

2. You oppress the cause of those who fight your battles, forcing them to beg for the benefits you've promised, accusing them of all manner of evils if they persist, and when they die, you neglect their widows and orphans. You attempt to hide this fact behind legalities and words, but the 100% disabled veteran who is not declared "permanent and total" has nothing to leave to his spouse and children when he dies. They get no healthcare, no college funds, and no financial support. They go on the street, while you go on the buffet. The Caesars came to power on account of men like you, and you are paving the way for Antichrist's reign.

3. You accept payment in exchange for your judgments. Your social decisions are motivated by personal gain. Your spiritual decisions are motivated by fear of suffering. Your political decisions are motivated by greed and selfishness. You are all about yourself and lay down content to let your neighbor suffer, so long as you  yourself are warm. Your neighbor's child is fed filth at government instituted schools that do not even begin to prepare them for more than a life of debt slavery, while you yourself dine well. The things that ought to be taught in public schools have been sacrificed to the god of this world, and you think you do well. The filth of chemical cocktails and fossil fuels contaminates the waters that give life to future generations, and you think because you can drink clean water you will do well. Your days have been numbered by God, oh man.

4. You received your education for next to nothing, but are content to let your grandchildren and your neighbor's grandchildren spend a life in debt for the sake of maintaining the status quo. Rather than pay what you ought in taxes to alleviate this burden, you are happy to see those in power shrinking the middle class away to nothing. The generation that boasts of all that was given to them freely hands off to their grandchildren's children a life of depravity, isolation, and debt. You will soon stand before your God, and do you still content yourself with the life you've lived beneath the sun?

5. You think that a man consists of labor and meat and should content himself to work and die in vain, meaningless obscurity, but you forget that each and every human being is made in the Image of God. You disrespect that Image by your treatment of your fellow man. You say it is good enough for him to work himself to death, and when he falls, you step over him in the street and brush the filth from your pant leg. You think you are better than that one, but you will answer for your selfishness, you who tread upon the Body of Christ.

6. You have contrived means to keep men out of your way by tossing them into prison where you work them as slaves to pick up your refuse and craft your goods. You select the poorest and most marginalized to victimize by institution. You dine well and relax and think what a good job you've done. If a man tires of living in debt and reacts like an animal, you think, then let him suffer as one in a pen. But you do not consider that you are only creating worse villainy for your heirs to endure. You have neglected love, and so that which you love will suffer. You will reap that which you have sown. You have destroyed families, and so your families will suffer in like kind.

7. You fight for your right to commit whatever sinful act you desire to commit while being content to let the cause of widows and orphans go undefended. You have turned your back on God, ignoring Love, and denying Christ by your actions before the world. You content yourself to profit from using territories like Puerto Rico and Guam, which are throwbacks to the dark age of colonialism, while using up their young men in your military, treating those veterans even worse than you treat the others who have sacrificed for your comforts, while taking all they have to give and denying them serious benefit of American power, wealth, and rewards. You content yourself to watch as non-Christians go and do Christian things you yourself won't lift a finger to do to your shame and humiliation before Christ. A judgment is coming to this nation if you do not repent and turn to God in humility.


God has placed signs in the heavens.


The Heart of the Lion:

On September 18, 2017, the moon traveled across 4 celestial objects, occulting (or blocking our view of) them. The list of objects in order: Venus, Regulus, Mars, and Mercury. Now, just as Jesus explained to His disciples the meanings of things, so do I share the meanings of things because I follow Him. Here is the explanation of the sign:

The moon represents the church or Church. We see in the Revelation of John that a woman stands on the moon with a crown of twelve stars on her head, clothed in the sun. The twelve represent the disciples of Christ, who in turn were spiritual counterparts to the twelve sons of Israel. There are twelve stars and not 24 because the two are unified in the Bride when she has readied herself. The sun is God's metaphor for His Presence, and the moon reflects His light into this world.

The order of objects passed over is significant and gives insight to this sign.

First object is Venus, associated with love and Christ. Even among the pagans, Venus is the sign of love. Remember, though many lack understanding, not all are blind to every meaning, else, how should the Magi have worshipped at the manger of Christ? Also, remember that our Lord refers to Himself as the Bright and Morning Star. This refers in part to Venus, but also to the sun. I say this because if we look at the entire coupling in Scripture, we see that there is a parallel offered in the root and offspring of David. Now, many think that "bright and morning star" refers only to one object, Venus, but I say it, like the reference to David's source and descendent, points to Christ as both the source and reflection of bright light into this world, hence the sun and its brightest (to our eyes, apart from the moon) companion, Venus, which appears at both dusk and dawn shining brightly and heralding change.

The sun to rule by day, and the moon and stars to rule by night.

Jesus said that night was coming, have you never wondered at this?

Here then is the explanation. The Old Testament speaks of the day, the time during which we witness the miraculous wonders of God, the sea divided, the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, when we find Solomon in his glory, the Temple in its glory, and Jesus comes to wrap up the closing of that age, like Venus shining in the evening sky. The Jews ever looked forward to the coming night. Like butterflies, their glory was one kind, and like moths, our glory is another. Now is the night, when we Christians look backward to the day that was and forward to the day that is to come. Jesus, like Venus, shone brightly at the setting of the sun and will shine again brightly in the coming Dawn of the Kingdom Age. Venus is closest to us in the heavens after the moon. It is of a similar size to the earth, but its glory, as being the closer to the source of light is visibly greater. But the moon is brighter to our eyes than Venus, because it dwells near us, reflecting His light into the darkness of this world. Her glory is more visible in this age for this is the night. So the Church, as His body and emissaries, ought to be about His good works and will for this world before the coming day.

After Venus, Regulus, which is a star of significant meaning, which name means "prince" or "little king." It is also known by the designation Alpha Leonis, for it is the brightest star in the constellation of the Lion. It is also known as the heart of the lion, for obvious reasons if you look at the constellation. Wikipedia can tell you more. Our Lord is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I find the associations between all these things compelling on their face without need for long-winded arguments.

After Regulus, and some distance away, Mars, which is red--representing war and blood, and then Mercury, the messenger. In many, many ancient cultures, Mars represents something ominous, often war, death, fire, and/or destruction. The color itself causes concerns, and we are even warned in the Bible that at the time of the end the moon itself will turn blood red. The connotation stands firm.

And finally, there is Mercury, the messenger, running its quicksilver course about the sun, blasted continually by solar winds, associated in mythology with commerce, travel, and thieves. Sometimes also called by the ancients a morning or evening star, it is closer to the sun, but too far from the earth to give great light. Who is that other counterfeit who goes about as a lion seeking to devour all that it may? Who is that one known as Morningstar or Lucifer, the light-bringer? And was he not the closest to God of all Creation? And are not the angels messengers of God?

So then, there is clearly a message here. Let the churches hear what the Spirit says. The times to come are difficult, and even the Church will suffer. Those within the churches who think they are saved, but are not, will worship the Beast at the time of revealing, all whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life. The True Church will be persecuted. On account of disobedience, many will be handed over. Those without hope in Christ will be terrorized and suffer greatly. The deaths in Vegas and Sutherland Springs punctuate the beginning of these times. The road ahead is treacherous, and many will turn from the Way on account of wickedness. The love of many has indeed already grown cold.


The Ecliptical Cross of North America:

On August 21, 2017, a total eclipse occurred that ran across the heartland of the United States from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. In seven years (4 months short actually), on April 8, 2024, another total eclipse will run across the American heartland, from Mazatlán in Mexico up through Eagle Pass, Texas, and eventually to Houlton, Maine, before passing on into New Brunswick and Newfoundland in Canada. These two paths form an "X" or cross that meets near Carbondale, Il. These events are not mere coincidence. We are not seeing simply a random series of occurrences. The four month period from the second solar eclipse to the end of the seven years stands for a purpose I have not seen. I can only speculate regarding what is to come at that time.

Every matter is to be established by two or three witnesses. I believe it is very possible that this sign could represent a coming judgment if we view the sun as a metaphor. And if we do view the sun as metaphor, then the moon represents the "church," as I've said, and an eclipse becomes a matter of the church obscuring the world's view of God by standing between them, rather than simply reflecting His light into this world.

What shall we do then? We can respond to this in many ways, but the first line of response ought ever to be to pray to our God for wisdom, for understanding, for guidance, and most of all, for forgiveness of sins. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our nation. Pray for the people to turn their hearts and faces toward God. Pray for them to repent. Pray for God to be merciful. Then go and do! Take the words of Nehemiah to heart when he said, "We prayed to our God and posted a watch day and night." Ask God to do what He will, then go and do what you can.


Harvey and Irma:

The paths of both storms cross in the Tennessee and Kentucky region of our nation, but Irma actually spiraled up into the Carbondale, Il area. A heavenly commentary repeating the import of the solar eclipses punctuating a seven year period for America's heart? I think it very well may be just that.



And so, like Jonah, I turn to the great city at last and say, "Repent, for the end is nigh!" If you do not cease to do wicked things and turn to God in sorrow and trembling, worse things will indeed come. I watched a wealthy community with many large churches sit idly by and allow thousands to stream past their doors fleeing before Irma without offering them an open invitation to come and shelter in the sanctuaries of the Lord. I watched and listened as pastors said, "Don't tell anyone to come here." or "Open your homes, rather than the sanctuary your donations built." Then I watched the wind knock the steeple off two of the churches here, while the least of these were turned aside to find their own way through the chaos. I am done sitting in silence while the shepherds neglect their duties in the fields of the Lord for a bowl of red stew and a comfy chair. God's message to Jonah is the message I bring to you: To the great city, repent! To the angry shepherd, care for the people! I close with God's closing statement to Jonah, inspired by Holy Spirit in accordance with the Hebrew, Strong's Concordance, and several translations into English:

"And should I not look with compassion upon Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than 12 myriads of human beings that do not know their right hand from their left hand--and an abundance of animals as well?"

Yes, God cares for us, each and every one, but something is required of us. We must turn to Him if we would avoid the worst that may come. As a watchman, I have warned you. What you choose to do in response is on you.



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