My Discovery of Dr. Hugh Ross

I recently stumbled upon Evolution 2.0 and the related web pages of Perry Marshall, an electrical engineer on a personal quest to reconcile Science and Christianity (to be fair, that might not be how he would put it). If you've read my stance on Christian faith (scroll down to the Science and Faith section), you know that I believe that science and faith should stand together to testify as witnesses of the Truth. So it was refreshing to read his perspective, at least in some areas. I stand uncertain on several points he puts forth, but after reading some of what he has to say, I'm convinced of a few things, including:

  1. I'm thankful for men like Dr. Hugh Ross, who argue that science and faith in Christ do not need to oppose one another.
  2. Our understanding of Genesis needs serious reflection, and Christians should proceed with humble caution in putting forth declarative statements and strong arguments related to aspects of Creation perceived to be in conflict between ideas rooted in the traditions taught of men, whether for or against evidence presented through unbiased observations.

I have long been convinced, though I knew not how to eloquently yet succinctly state it, that the orders of the heavens and indeed all Creation as revealed through human scientific study and research agree with the biblical account of Genesis 1, if you accept two qualifiers:

1. The Hebrew word translated commonly as "day" need not specifically refer to a literal, 24 hour period, as indeed, it need not if you read Strong's. This is our oldest story passed down to us from antiquity, and I urge you to consider two ideas with regard to this qualifier:       

  • Why should the term mean specifically a literal 24 hour Earth day when it details the creation of all the stars and planets in the heavens, for which the length of one standard Earth day is meaningless?
  • How should primitive peoples living from the beginning until now understand the concept of how truly old and vast the universe really is as it stands, when you have people living in the tech age of modern America who can't even appreciate or accept Truth with scientific observation and fact staring them in the face? God tells us only what we need to know, yet we dare to constrain that which He tells us to fit our traditions born of men and doctrines delivered of demons.

2. The account given is delivered from the perspective of Earth, and therefore does not tell all  there is to discover, but only that which would necessarily apply to us from our point of view in all of Creation.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff, but be as the Bereans. Search out all these matters. Try the spirits as well. My thoughts in this blog article should not be construed as agreement with or endorsement of all views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Perry Marshall or Dr. Ross. I do, however, wholeheartedly encourage you to seek out those insights they've shared online and elsewhere. Dr. Ross has been around for a while, so you may find some of his texts in your local public library. Consider visiting their pages:

Why I am Not a Young Earth Creationist by Perry Marshall

Who is Adam? by Perry Marshall

Lecture from Dr. Ross on the Origin of the Universe

Reasons to Believe

I'm currently reading Creation and Time by Dr. Ross, and, even though some of the information seems dated, being printed in 1994, I still find it refreshing and encouraging to hear some very True insights that admittedly run counter to the views of some very ignorant shepherds who have taught the flocks to believe a lie. Honestly, I cannot help but feel that if we hadn't already proven otherwise, some of these people would be running around proclaiming that not only is the earth less than ten thousand years old, but it's flat as well. For the love of God, people, please give thought to your ways. Your ignorance causes the Name to be scorned and gives fuel for mockers' delights.

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