Fascinating Artwork: True Story Update

In five days, it will have been 3 years since I posted to this blog an article about something cool that I discovered by using Wordle. In an attempt to recreate that discovery, I made another discovery--that I made a mistake back when. So here I am to sort it out and share my improved discovery in place of that old article. I said before that when I ran the text of the ASV through Wordle, I got an interesting top 7 list. Well, I made two mistakes: I actually got the Wordle cloud using the text of the AKJV. And one of the words was mistakenly dropped from the top 7 list and replaced at that time, probably due to an error on my part. That's okay, however, because I have other cool news. By re-visiting Wordle and attempting to re-create the old image, I found something that I think is actually a bit cooler.


According to the Wordle parser, however it handles the text I gave it, the image above shows the top ten most common words appearing in the AKJV translation of the Bible. I've run it repeatedly to ensure that it's accurate. The words in order, from most common to least, are: Lord God man Israel king people came son house come. To me, it suggests a message is definitely present in the text. Scoffers may scoff, but I think it's fascinating. So, curious  about the ASV, I ran it, and the ERV and KJV translations as well. Here's what the ASV gives when you run it through Wordle and ask for the top five most common words.


Once again, I find that very interesting. The words appear to say, "Unto Jehovah thou, thy God." I ran it repeatedly to ensure the word order also. It's accurate. The ERV and KJV ran along similar lines. It reads almost like an admonishment, while the AKJV result reads more like a central theme in non-sentence format. If you find this as amazing and encouraging as I do, tell someone.

Ed MyersComment